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Dog found abandoned, Nueva Torrequebrada

Dog has now been adopted thanks to the excellent people of Espanjan Koirat  and Masonīs British foster parents here. Does NOT seem like it is many people with a HEART here in Spain but we it is good that the people of the so called COLD HEARTHED North actually has compassion and does care.

Mason, twelve months old Podenco is looking for a new home. He was mistreated by the previous owner, and rescued by a nice person that has given him love and has paid for the much needed veterinary treatment. Unfortunately he cannot keep the dog but would like to find a new home for Mason. Mason is now in good shape, and he is ready for a new home.

Editor's note:: We erroneously printed that Mason was found in Nueva Torrequebrada. He was in fact rescued from the previous owner as indicated above. Due to  links to this site on other forums we cannot correct the "title" of this article as it is used indirectly as the link by our CMS.