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Kind dog found, Nueva Torrequebrada

The dog has now rejoined his family - so happy ending for this one. Remember always to check with a vet if the animal has a micro-chip. This is quite likely as you are obliged by law to have one in Spain. Please note that many people do abandon the dogs on the street even with a micro-chip. In that case the dog has to be handed to the local Municipal animal pen, and the animal in question will be terminated in 5-10 days (or earlier) if the owner does not want to pick up the animal. Best approach is to get an agreement with the previous owner to hand the animal over to an animal charity, adopt the animal yourself, or at least foster the animal until a new home has been found. The municipal animal pens are in most cases certain death in Spain...

Small dog found today (8th July 2008) wandering the street in our area in Nueva Torrequebrada (Benalmadena, Costa del Sol). We will contact the vet as soon as they open to check for microship, and will contact owner as soon as we can if the dog is chipped.  If the dog is not micro-chipped it will be handed over to the P.A.D. as soon as they do have a space for him to be boarded before adoption. If you know this dog please do contact us via the contact form on this web site. Thanks.