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Red female tabby found

Red female tabby, approx 6-12 months old found in Nueva Torrequebrada. She was attacked by two Shar-Peis but by the intervention of  a kind English lady she escaped with a few bites.  She is now at the Clinica Veterinaria Torreblanca, and she is eagerly waiting to be reunited with her family.

Update two weeks later...
No family has shown up even if she is obviously domesticated and friendly. She is now looking for a new home as she has been abandoned on the street, and almost ripped to pieces by two dogs. Maybe someone with a good heart and who is in need of a new companion for Christmas might take her home? Please contact us or the Veterinary clinic if you'd like to adopt this kind and desperate cat.

Several months later...
Nobody came forward to get this marvelous cat back to its proper home. Most likely abandoned by uncaring people. Now thanks to the nice people at  Clinica Veterinaria Torreblanca shes gotten adopted to a new home. We wish her all the best luck.